What Are Some Icebreaker Games for a Women's Retreat?

Some fun icebreaker games for a women's retreat are The Shoe Game, The Purse Game and even making short skits. When one is planning icebreaker games, keep in mind the type of women in the group and fine-tune the games according to their personalities.

The Shoe Game is one that many women may not be familiar with. As the women enter the venue, each person is to take off one shoe and leave it in a pile. Once everyone has arrived, the group leader should have every guest take one shoe from the pile. The object is to find the owner of the shoe and learn three things about that person.

The Purse Game is a popular icebreaker, similar to a scavenger hunt that is played at many baby and bridal showers. It is also a good fit for a women's retreat. The retreat leader divides the women up into small groups and gives each group a list of items. Some ideas for the list are a child's toy, pack of gum or grocery receipt. The teams then try to find as many items as possible only by looking in their purses.

Skits are a great way for women to get to know each other. Once again, the ladies are divided into groups. Each group chooses a skit topic from a basket and is given an hour or so to put it together. They then perform it in front of the group.