Why Are Icebreaker Exercises Useful?


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Icebreaker exercises are useful as a way to help a group of people get to know each other and feel comfortable interacting. The activities can be mental or physical and can be between two or more people or even on an individual basis.

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Icebreaker activities are used in business, at parties and sometimes in the classroom. Companies often use these activities before training sessions or team-building events. The facilitators of the training or other meetings also participate in the icebreakers, giving attendees a chance to get to know the people running the show a little bit better. This allows everyone to be more comfortable with each other and facilitates better communication.

At parties, such as bridal or baby showers, icebreaker games are a great way for guests to become comfortable with each other. Often, not all guests at these parties have met prior to the gathering. When these activities are done at the beginning of the party, this allows guests to learn a little bit about each other. This helps with the flow of conversation and interaction during the party.

Teachers may use simple icebreaker activities at the beginning of a school year. Since students will be interacting with each other on a daily basis, it is important that they are comfortable with each other. Icebreakers help students learn about their fellow classmates which may help to ease the anxiety of those first few weeks in school.

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