How Do You Do Hula Hoop Tricks?


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To do hula hoop tricks, learn three simple tosses. Complete the pop-up toss with both hands while the hoops finishes around the body. Complete the pancake flip by holding the hoop in front of your body. The rainbow toss is done over your head, passing the hoop from one hand to the other. These tricks only take minutes to learn and perform, and only require a hula hoop.

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  1. Try the pop-up toss

    Begin the pop-up toss by holding the hoop around your waist with both hands. Toss the hoop straight up over your body, and raise your hands above your head. Allow the hoop to fall back down around your body while you lower your arms. Catch the hoop with your thumbs, and close your fingers around the hoop.

  2. Do the pancake flip

    Hold the hoop in front of your body with both arms stretched straight out. Bending your knees slightly, toss the far side of the hoop up as your body bounces upward. Catch the hoop on the opposite side with both hands.

  3. Practice the rainbow toss

    Spin the hoop on one hand with your thumb outstretched. While spinning the hoop, toss it over your head. Catch it with the opposite hand, keeping your thumb on the outside of the hoop. Continue spinning the hoop.

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