How Do You Get Free Hot Wheels Stuff in the Mail?

Get free Hot Wheels cars and other items in the mail by signing up for a Red Line Club membership through Mattel at The initial membership requires a fee, but the club provides ways to receive free Hot Wheels memorabilia once you are a member. The free Hot Wheels Collector membership gives access to online sales and the HWC Message Board but does not include freebies in the mail.

As of September 2014, the Red Line Club membership fee is $24.99. Upon initial membership activation, the club sends new members a number of free Hot Wheels cars. It then sends other Hot Wheels items, such as posters, a monthly magazine, a personalized membership card and commemorative pins and buttons as a continuing part of the membership program.

In addition, the Red Line Club membership offers a rewards points system that provides points for every Hot Wheels car you purchase. Redeem these reward points to receive a free Red Line Club priority Hot Wheels car in the mail or other Hot Wheels items from the Red Line Club shop. Like with any rewards points system, you receive more points towards future purchases when you spend more on Hot Wheels cars and other Hot Wheels items.