How Do You Host a Murder Mystery Game?

How Do You Host a Murder Mystery Game?

To host a murder mystery game, choose the theme of the party, and buy a murder mystery kit for the chosen theme. Aspects of the party that should be planned well in advance include the date and time, location, prizes and menu.

Many hosts of murder mystery parties pick themes they know their guests will enjoy. Popular themes include gangsters and Hollywood. After picking a theme, buy a murder mystery kit that includes the items required. These kits are available at party stores and usually include invitations, a guide for the host, character outlines and the required evidence.

After becoming familiar with the game material, pick the date and time of the party, and create a list of guests. Once invitations are sent and guests have verified that they will attend, they can each be assigned a character to play. Several days before the party, plan the menu, or hire a catering service to serve refreshments or dinner. Decide what prizes will be awarded at the end of the game, and purchase them.

On the day of the party, decorate the location of the party, and set up the table and chairs. Hide the clues, and prepare the prizes. Prepare the food or the space the catering company will be using.

Serve drinks or appetizers to guests as they arrive, and introduce guests until everyone has arrived and the game can begin. Finally, when introductions have been made and characters have been assigned, begin the murder mystery by following the directions in the host guide.