How Do You Host a Minute to Win It Party?


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To host a Minute to Win It party, choose age-appropriate challenges, gather the materials, and set up the play area. Types of challenges that match this style of party use household items, are fast-paced and take under a minute to complete. Choose prizes either for individual games or for the winning team after tallying points at the end. Plan finger foods and quick snacks guests can grab between games.

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All challenges for the Minute to Win It party should fit the age of the party guests. The games should be a bit of a challenge but not impossible. If the guest list mainly consists of kids, choose games on the easier side, so the kids don't get frustrated.

Some examples of games include domino challenges, stacking challenges and target games. Have the guests stack several cereal boxes like dominoes with the goal of ringing a bell at the end. Make them stack a certain number of mini donuts in a tower, or have them toss ping pong balls into a tissue box. Once you choose the challenges, make a list of all the supplies you need to do the games. Don't forget a timer and a way to keep score.

A large room where you can set up all the games ahead of time is best so that you don't have down time between games. If that's not possible, place the items for each game in a separate bin. Set up the first game ahead of time. Once it's done, move all of the supplies out of the way, and start setting up the next game.

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