How Do You Host a Minecraft Server?

To host a Minecraft server, download and install the Minecraft server application program for Windows or MacOS, and make any necessary changes to your Internet router configuration. After that, change the settings of the server to how you would like to play the game. Create a whitelist with the players who can access the server, and choose who is going to have administrator privileges. Change your router settings to make sure that other players can see the server, and find out your public IP address.

To get the program ready on Windows, run the application, and follow the commands. For the Macintosh, set up a command file, and save it in the same folder as the .jar file, and then transfer the file into the terminal window. The command file is going to run the application.

Before setting up a server, evaluate your computer's characteristics, and make sure that your computer has a fast CPU and sufficient RAM, since a lot of people are going to be playing on the server. This is especially important if you plan on playing on that computer as well. Make sure that your Internet speed is relatively fast, as many players are going to need to exchange information with your computer simultaneously. Update the Java on your computer to the most recent version. To do this, go to the Java download page, download and install either a 32-bit or a 64-bit version.