What Are Some Hospital Waiting Room Games?


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There are a variety of game options to play in hospital waiting rooms. One could play themed games related to the reason that a loved one is in the hospital. Board games, action figures and small puzzles are useful to occupy time. Handheld or kiosk video games are another option.

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According to the Joke Archives, a variety of games can be played in hospital waiting rooms that are themed based on the reason for a friend or loved one's hospital visit. For example, one could play Operation while waiting for someone in surgery or play Hearts while waiting for a cardiology patient. Some additional themed games for the hospital waiting room include Concentration for neurology, Chutes and Ladders for gastroenterology, Candyland for diabetes patients or tic-tac-toe for podiatry.

According to the Children's Specialized Hospital, some suggestions to entertain kids in hospital waiting rooms are to bring a favorite handheld video game, a book or magazine to read, such as I-Spy or pop-up books.

As of 2015, vendors such as Toviga are proposing an offer to bring video-game kiosks into hospitals to help entertain kids in waiting rooms. The kiosks support various video game systems such as Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii.

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