What Are Some Horseshoe Craft Ideas?


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Some horseshoe craft ideas include making a 'Lucky' horseshoe sign, candleholder and decorative plate holders, according to FaveCrafts. There are project ideas for horseshoes suitable to every level, from children to adult welders.

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Craft projects can be made with new horseshoes or used horseshoes. When working used horseshoes, crafters should take extra care to remove rust and dirt.

  • Horseshoe coat rack: This project is ideal for beginner welders and is made by welding a horseshoe perpendicular to another horseshoe. Multiple shoes can be welded together to create the coat rack which is nailed to the wall.
  • Horseshoe bookends: Welders can make this simple project with four horseshoes. Just weld two horseshoes together at right angles.
  • Horseshoe picture frame: Even kids can make this picture frame project, no welding required. A horseshoe is decorated with paint and glitter and then, a cardboard backed picture is glued to the horseshoe.
  • Horseshoe plate holder: Crafters can make a holder for decorative plates with a new horseshoe nailed to the side of a block of wood. A long wooden board nailed to the other side of the block serves as a plate support.
  • Horseshoe candle holder: A long plank of wood with several votive candle sized impressions drilled into it makes a nice candle holder. A pair of horseshoes nailed to each end of the wood plank make the perfect set of legs for this holder.
  • Lucky horseshoe sign: Make a lucky horseshoe craft in the form of a pallet sign with the word 'Lucky' painted on it. Use the horseshoe to make the letter 'U' in the word.
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