How Do You Get a Horse in Minecraft?


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To get a horse in Minecraft, a player needs to find a wild horse in or around the plains biome and tame it. To begin the process of taming a horse, a player needs to approach a horse empty-handed and attempt to ride it by clicking the right mouse button. The first few attempts are likely to result in failure as the player is bucked off the horse.

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It typically takes up to five attempts at riding the horse before it allows the player to sit on its back. Once this occurs, the horse is tame and belongs to the player. To increase the chances of success, a player can feed the horse items such as apples, golden carrots, bread and hay bales. However, even after taming a horse, a player is not able to use it to travel or control its movements without a saddle.

Unlike other items in Minecraft, players cannot craft a saddle. Instead, a player must obtain a saddle through dungeon treasure chests, fishing or trading with leatherworkers in the village. A player who does not have a saddle can lead a tamed horse using a lead, which is crafted using a slimeball and rope.

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