What Are Hooda Math Escape Games?

Each Hooda Math escape game takes players through scenarios in which they must find clues and uncover objects in order to escape the given location. The goal of the game is to gain enough information from clicking through the screens to find a way out.

Some Hooda Math escape games include "Hooda Escape Airport," "Hooda Escape Ice Cream Shop," "Hooda Escape Aquarium" and "Hooda Escape the Car." There are also games such as "Hooda Escape Camelot," "Hooda Escape Neverland," "Hooda Escape Garden of Eden," "Hooda Escape El Dorado," "Hooda Escape with Jack" and many more. All of these games reference different locations, some fictional and some real, that the player must escape from to win the game. There are over 100 Hooda Math escape games, each with a different location from which to escape.

Some Hooda Math escape games require the player to find something, such as is the case with the game "Find HQ Lab." Both types of Hooda Math escape games require the use of problem-solving skills and attention to detail by making the players solve small puzzles and put objects together in the game that help them escape or find the object. Only by solving these puzzles can a player win the game.