What Are Some Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts?


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A few homemade teacher appreciation gifts are a monogrammed mug, jars with homemade treats, personalized soap bottles, painted flower pots and a personalized teacher tote, notes the Reader's Digest website. However, many of these homemade gift ideas can require parents to help their children make them, especially if it is cooked or baked goods.

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A very simple teacher appreciation gift idea is to make her favorite cookies, preserves, jams, candies, chocolates or other food and present it in a Mason jar that has a decorated label and note made by the child. The child can also help parents make the baked food goods. Another food that may also be placed in a jar is breakfast oatmeal with special ingredients that a teacher may enjoy, such as chips or dried fruits, as noted by International Business Times.

Decorated and personalized flower pots made by students are gifts teachers may enjoy receiving. Children can paint a terra cotta pot in a bright color, decorate it and place a nice plant inside the pot, as suggested by ParentMap. To personalize it, students can add the teacher's name or the words thank you on a small pennant placed inside the plant.

Monogrammed cups or mugs also may be suitable gifts for teachers, which a student can make by simply using some paint and other materials to initial the teacher's name on the mug. After the paint dries, place inside the mug a teacher's favorite blend of coffee, tea or cocoa mix, as noted by the Reader's Digest website.

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