How Do You Hold a Pool Stick?


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Holding a pool stick requires having a proper grip with the right tension, positioning the fingers correctly, and aligning the arm, wrist and elbow. These things combined allow you to have a more controlled pool shot.

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  1. Grip the pool stick properly

    Your grip on a pool cue stick should be loose and comfortable. The tension applied to the grip should be just enough to hold on to the stick firmly without pushing too hard.

  2. Position your fingers correctly

    Two or three fingers are used to hold the back of the cue stick, while the thumb is used to balance the end of the stick and keep it from hitting the pool table. The front of the pool stick should rest in between your middle and pointer fingers, while the thumb holds the top of the stick and aligns the stick for the shot.

  3. Align your arm, wrist and elbow correctly

    The arm, wrist, and elbow of the hand holding the back end of the cue stick must be lined up and pointing downward towards the table in a straight line. The wrist must stay in line with the elbow and arm to provide control over the angle or shot intended by the shooter.

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