What Hobbies Can I Do at Home?


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There are numerous hobbies to do at home, including cooking, scrapbooking and writing. Some other options are photography, editing and Web design. Most hobbies can be done at home if sufficient space is available.

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Many hobbies, such as writing, knitting and crocheting, have little to no start-up cost, making them good options for people with little excess money. Others, such as video games and home brewing, require a significant initial investment. However, it is possible to turn hobbies into profit to regain costs or add supplemental income.

Crafts, such as stained glass and picture framing, are common hobbies that can easily be turned into profitable ventures, according to About.com. HowStuffWorks also lists learning to play music and baking as hobby options that can pay off. These hobbies can all be done at home to relax, and many of them result in tangible objects that represent the work that went into them.

Outdoor hobbies that can be done at home, include bird watching and exercising, especially in areas where homes have large yards. Martial arts and sports can also be done in homes with adequate space. With some creativity, there are very few hobbies that are not possible to do at home.

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