How Do You Get HM02 Fly in Pokemon FireRed Version?


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The Hidden Machine Fly or HM02 Fly can be obtained in Route 16 by cutting a tree before the sleeping Snorlax, heading west to a house and talking to the girl who will hand the player the HM. The HM02 Fly is a Flying type move that when taught to a Pokemon, affords the player the convenience to quickly get to certain areas in the game that he has already visited.

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Apart from being a convenient means to travel in the game, the HM02 Fly is also a powerful attack move. It is a two-turn move that will have any Flying type Pokemon soar up high in the first turn, effectively evading most attacks, and then striking in the second turn.

Step 1: Find the tree to cut

Upon reaching Route 16 in the game, the player will notice a tree that can be cut before reaching the sleeping Snorlax that is blocking the path to Route 17.

Step 2: Follow the path

The player should then cut the tree with a Pokemon that has been taught Cut and then enter the path that was previously blocked by the tree.

Step 3: Find the house

The player must continue on the path until he reaches a small house.

Step 4: Talk to the girl

Upon entering the house, the player should talk to the little girl inside, who will hand him the HM02 Fly after their conversation.

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