Where Is the HM Waterfall in "Pokemon LeafGreen"?

In "Pokemon LeafGreen," the hidden machine known as HM07 or Waterfall is found in the Icefall Cave on Floe Island, which is located in the Sevii Island chain. The Volcano Badge is required in order to use HM07.

"Pokemon LeafGreen" and "Pokemon FireRed" make up part of the third generation of Pokemon games. Released in North America on Sept. 9, 2004, these games are remakes of the original Pokemon games, "Red" and "Green." While the storyline remains essentially the same, many game elements are revised and improved to bring the games up to the standard of the rest of the third-generation games. Together, the pair of games represents the second-best-selling title on the Game Boy Advance, just behind "Ruby" and "Sapphire."