How Do You Hit High Notes While Singing?

How Do You Hit High Notes While Singing?

To sing high notes, practice singing as if you were speaking, keep the flow of air steady, avoid pushing too hard and keep your singing mechanisms balanced. The time it takes depends on rehearsal frequency and your natural abilities.

  1. Practice your speaking voice

    Rather than pushing your voice to reach high notes, practice singing in the same way that you speak. Try to keep your singing voice natural, smooth and easy. Avoid straining, as pushing your voice too hard limits your range and sounds unbalanced.

  2. Steady your air flow

    It's important to keep your air pressure moving forward. Don't push the air too hard, but also avoid being too gentle.

  3. Keep your voice smooth and connected

    Always have air prepared to push out, without building up too much pressure. Moderate pressure is exerted behind the lips in the front of the mouth. Always be prepared to sing the upcoming words by pacing your breathing.

  4. Keep your vocal mechanisms balanced

    Practice keeping your vocal cords together to prevent air from leaking. Pay attention to your larynx, and try to keep it from rising. The larynx remains at a level or low position during singing. One way to keep the larynx from rising is to release the muscles used for swallowing.