What Is the History of Stretch Armstrong?


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In 1976, Kenner Toys released the Stretch Armstrong action figure, which could stretch from 15 inches up to 5 feet. Kenner Toys later released the Stretch Serpent and Stretch Ollie and Olivia, a stretch octopus couple, before being purchased by Tonka and then Hasbro. In 1990, Cap Toys reissued Stretch Armstrong, along with his daschund sidekick Fetch Armstrong, the villainous Vac-Man and the Stretch Limo.

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Cap Toys' new version of Stretch, along with Fetch and the Limo, wore a big, toothy grin. The Stretch Limo was not really a limousine; though it too could stretch, the car only had one seat and vaguely resembled a red Porsche 911 Turbo.

Vac-Man was a muscular red alien from another galaxy, designed to be Stretch Armstrong's arch enemy. In addition to having the stretch capability, Vac-Man came with an air pump and was filled with an organic compound that enabled him to be vacuum sealed, allowing him to remain in his stretched position indefinitely.

In 2008, Universal Studios and Hasbro planned to create a Stretch Armstrong film based on a novel by Nicholas Stoller. However, the idea lost support, and Universal Studios sold it to Relativity Media, who also eventually abandoned the plans.

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