What Are Some Hilarious Employee Awards?


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Some hilarious employee awards are the Human Vulture award and the Caffeine Addict award. Other hilarious employee awards play on employee arrivals and departures, such as an award honoring the employee that arrives first for work and the employee that most looks forward to the weekends. Other awards honor employees for clean and messy offices and poke fun at employee eating habits.

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One award that makes fun of the employee most eager to leave work is the It's Five O'Clock Somewhere award. This award honors the employee most eager to quit working and leave work.

The employee that goes into hiding during the work day may deserve the Loch Ness award for being the most unavailable when other employees need help. By contrast, the First Responder Award honors the person most ready to help in unexpected situations. The person that shows up to work first receives the Mr. or Ms. Punctuality award.

The Human Vulture award goes to the employee that eats anything at work, regardless of the food's age or origin. By contrast, the Iron Chef award goes to the employee that brings the best lunches from home. The Green Thumb award honors the person whose office has the best plants, while the Brown Thumb recognizes the person with dead plants in her office. The Pig Pen award is for the employee with the messiest office while the Neatest Nook recognizes the person with a clean office space.

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