What Are Some Highly Recommended One-Player Games?


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PCWorld.com recommends the "Walking Dead," "Faster Than Light," "Anti-Chamber" and "Dishonored" as some of the best single-player campaign games available. PCWorld rates these games based on gameplay, originality and art.

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PCWorld also recommends additional single-player titles that exist within a larger series of games. "Tomb Raider," a game involving a character named Lara Croft and her discovery of a strange mystery while on a deserted island, is highly regarded throughout the gaming community. The Tomb Raider series has been active since 1996 and offers high definition graphics with a rich story for players to enjoy.

Bethesda Game Studios has created many popular games throughout its history, one of which is "Fallout: New Vegas," an open world first-person shooter offering a long and deep storyline with extensive side quests and mini-games. The Fallout series is best known for its huge world for the player to traverse and its extreme attention to detail.

The extremely popular first person shooter "Half Life 2" goes down as a classic among the single-player games available to gamers. A set piece of its time, "Half Life 2" is known for having one of the most cinematic plots for players to follow while also incorporating top-notch voice acting.

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