What Are Some Highly Rated PC Games for Children?

What Are Some Highly Rated PC Games for Children?

"World of Zoo," "Create," "Lucidity," "Nancy Drew" and "MySims" are some of the highly rated PC games for children as of 2015. The content of these games is geared toward stimulating imagination and creativity, and some of them, such as "World of Zoo," are available for multiple platforms and PC.

"World of Zoo" is an exciting game for kids to build their own zoos. Children create their zoo environments and animals, and they develop relationships with the animals they care for. The game allows kids to change the colors and fur patterns of the animals as well as the shapes and sizes of noses and ears.

"Create" is a game that focuses on nurturing creativity and developing critical thinking skills. The more things players create, the more they unlock rewards and challenges as they progress. After developing their own challenges, players can also share them with friends.

"Nancy Drew" is a series game based on the "Nancy Drew" mystery novels. Players help the girl detective explore clues moving from one room to the other.

"MySims" puts players to a town that has been struggling, and kids use creativity to transform the town and attract new characters. Players also have to discover what local residents need to enjoy life in their towns.

"Lucidity" is a unique puzzle game based on the dreams of a fictional character named Sofi. Players have to solve puzzles to guide Sofi on a trek through her dreams.