What Are Some Highly Rated Metal Detectors According to Experts?


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The best metal detectors for 2015 include the Fisher F4, the Garret Ace 250 and the Teknetics Delta 4000, according to Top Ten Reviews. These metal detectors win praise for their efficiency and ease of use.

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Fish’s F4 takes home top honors for its unique DD-style coils, which emit search waves in blade-shaped fields, rather than conventional cone-shaped fields. The F4’s elliptical design allows its waves to penetrate more deeply beneath the surface and cover more area in a single sweep. While it’s slightly pricier than other comparable models, the F4’s target ID and manual ground balancing features set it apart from the competition. Reviewers do note that the device’s armrest can begin to chafe after extended periods of use.

The Garret Ace 250 also receives strong reviews for its light weight, compact size and intuitive controls. The Ace 250’s ease of use and low price make it an ideal metal detector for beginners. The device offers an easily interpretable search screen that novices can comprehend, and Garret also offers substantial training materials and technical support on its website.

Teknetics’ Delta 4000 is a light, efficient metal detector that offers a range of important features, including quality construction and a target ID with both graphical and numerical displays. The Delta 4000 is a popular choice for beginners, but the device’s 8-inch concentric search coil may not be sensitive enough for more experienced hunters.

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