What Are Some Highly Rated Karaoke Software Options?

What Are Some Highly Rated Karaoke Software Options?

Some of the best-rated karaoke software options include KaraFun Player, WINAMP CDG Plug-in, Advanced Karaoke Player, Siglos Karaoke Professional and OneKaraoke, according to Techposts. Some of these software options are available only for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. If you're a Mac user, check the system requirements for each software before attempting to use it.

KaraFun player lets users change the lead and backing vocal volume, and it even allows for customization in duets. It also features a dual display setting that projects the lyrics of a song onto a TV or projector. Users can change the key and tempo of a song at any point, and KaraFun houses a library of over 21,000 karaoke songs in its database, as of 2015.

WINAMP is a popular music player for both Windows and Mac users, and its CDG plug-in serves as a karaoke add-on. The karaoke player supports all types and formats of karaoke files.

Advanced Karaoke Player is exclusively for Windows, and it provides a simple user interface that supports movie files, CDs, DVDs and VCDs. This software also lets users create disco mixes.

Siglos Karaoke Professional functions similarly to the other karaoke software listed, but it has a unique feature that allows users to remove silent parts of songs.