What Are the Highest Rated Pool Tables?

highest-rated-pool-tables Credit: Juanedc/CC-BY 2.0

The top five slate pool table brands according to Pool Table Review Guru are Olhausen, Golden West, Timber Creek, Brunswick and Vantage. Models they consider the highest rated, because of their value for the price, are the Huntington by Olhausen, Seville by Timber Creek and Allenton by Brunswick Billiards.

Because ratings are subjective and there are so many pool tables on the market, other review sites may list other pool tables as their highest rated. Family Leisure says that pool tables are major investments similar to a baby grand piano or grandfather clock, and can run between $900 and $5000. Consumer Digest says prices have increased by as much as 35 percent on pool tables since 2008, and pool tables selling for less than $2,000 don't stand up to residential use. It recommends a high-grade worsted cloth rather than felt to save money in the long run.