What are some high-scoring, six-letter words in Scrabble?


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Some high-scoring, six-letter words in ���Scrabble��� include syzygy and zymase. Both of these words are legal to use in ���Scrabble��� and are worth 20 or more points naturally. Placing some of the letters in these words on triple-word squares is worth even more points. If possible, making the letter ���z��� from either word to land on a triple-letter square is worth 30 points by itself.

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The word ���syzygy��� refers to the alignment of three celestial bodies. The word is pronounced ���SIZ-i-jee��� and requires the use of one blank title to make up for there only being two ���y��� tiles in the game. To make the most out of the word, players should aim for the ���z��� to land on a double-letter square and the ���y��� at the end to land on a triple-word score square. This gives the player 93 points.

The word ���zymase��� describes a complex set of enzymes that cause glycolysis. The word is naturally worth 20 points in the game. Making the high-scoring letters in the word land on as many bonus squares as possible gives the player a higher score. Adding an ���s��� to the end of the word makes it the seven-letter word ���zymases,��� which is also a legal ���Scrabble��� word.

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