What Are Some High-Scoring Six-Letter Scrabble Words?

What Are Some High-Scoring Six-Letter Scrabble Words?

According to Scrabble Stop, some of the highest-scoring Scrabble words made up of six letters include queazy at 27 points, frowzy at 24 points and wheezy at 24 points. Quartz comes in at 24 points as well. According to Scrabble Wizard, the top 6-letter Scrabble word is muzjik, which is worth 28 points.

Dictionary.com states that the word queazy is an alternative spelling of the word queasy. Queazy is the British spelling of the word and is an adjective. Regardless of the spelling, the word means nauseous, uneasy or uncomfortable. Frowzy, or frouzy, is an adjective meaning ill-smelling or musty.

The adjective wheezy is a word that means afflicted with or characterized by wheezing. Wheezing, consequently, means to breathe with difficulty. Wheezing usually involves a whistling sound.

Quartz is a noun. Another name for quartz is silicon dioxide. It occurs in either crystals or masses and differs in color and luster. It is made from sand or sandstone. When looking up the word muzjik in Dictionary.com, the entry comes up as muzhik. Other spellings of the word are moujik and mujik. The word means a Russian peasant and is a noun. Broken down, the roots come from the Russian word for man and the word for diminutive.

The word “syzygy” refers to the alignment of three celestial bodies. The word is pronounced “SIZ-i-jee” and requires the use of one blank title to make up for there only being two “y” tiles in the game. To make the most out of the word, players should aim for the “z” to land on a double-letter square and the “y” at the end to land on a triple-word score square. This gives the player 93 points.

The word “zymase” describes a complex set of enzymes that cause glycolysis. The word is naturally worth 20 points in the game. Making the high-scoring letters in the word land on as many bonus squares as possible gives the player a higher score. Adding an “s” to the end of the word makes it the seven-letter word “zymases,” which is also a legal “Scrabble” word.