What Are Some High Scoring Scrabble Words That Start With the Letter V?


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The highest-scoring Scrabble words starting with the letter v that appear on www.scrabblelookup.com are "ventriloquizing," followed by "ventriloquized," "ventriloquizes" and "ventriloquize." These words are worth 37, 36, 35 and 34 points, respectively, independently of any double or triple word or letter bonuses.

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Some other high-scoring Scrabble words beginning with v are "vasectomizing," "ventriloquially" and "victimizations," each of which scores 30 natural points. "Vanquishable," "vascularization," "vasectomized," "ventriloquistric" and "victimization" are also high-scoring options, as each of them scores 29 points.

As all the highest-scoring words starting with the letter v are more than seven letters long, players are only able to form them by adding letters to a word already on the board. For example, a player could add "able" to "vanquish" to make "vanquishable," which scores 29 points.

Some of the highest-scoring seven-letter Scrabble words starting with the letter v are "vizored," "vizards," "viziers" and "vaquero." Players could play these words without having to add them to the end or beginning of existing words.

One of the best ways to earn points in Scrabble is to play on the bonus squares, according to Hasbro. Players can score considerably more points by playing a high-scoring Scrabble word starting with the letter v on a triple word score square.

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