How Do You Hide a Bathroom Camera?


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Retailers such as Home Depot and Amazon sell video cameras that are hidden in ordinary bathroom objects. For example, Home Depot sells the Bush Baby Purple Tissue Box Camera DVR, as of 2015.

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The tissue box hides a video recorder with a 30-hour battery. The camera is activated through either a remote control or motion. Amazon sells a variety of table clocks with hidden cameras, which can be placed in a bathroom. One version, the Amzdeal Portable Alarm Clock Spy Camera DVR with Motion Detection, comes with a 12-hour battery and remote control. Amazon also offers a camera in a hook. The IBSound Motion Detection Clothes Hook Hidden Camera for Home Security can record high-definition images in low-light situations.

Hidden cameras are also called "nanny cams" because some parents use these video recorders to watch their children's caregivers. Parents who wish to utilize this type of camera should understand their state laws pertaining to video and audio surveillance. While in general it is legal to utilize a hidden camera without the consent of the person being recorded, most states ban the usage in areas where a person can reasonably expect privacy, such as the bedroom and bathroom. In addition, it is illegal in the United States to record video or audio for the purpose of blackmail or any malicious intent.

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