How Do You Find Hidden Street Areas in "MapleStory"?


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Hidden street areas in “MapleStory” are found by locating the secret entrances that are scattered throughout the virtual world. One hidden street is called “Damp Forest” and can be found by exiting Sleepywood town using the west portal. Once out of the town, head to the north until to find the two pillars, then standing between them, move up to be transported into the “Damp Forest” dungeon.

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“MapleStory,” which is an online massive-multiplayer role-playing game, is filled with dozens of different hidden streets. These locations don't have to be found to beat or enjoy the game. However, they help players beat certain objects and quests quicker because they are typically filled with high concentrations of specific monsters. This is helpful in the event that a player needs an item that is only dropped by a specific monster. By heading to a hidden street that is filled with that monster, the player is much more likely to come across the item for which he is looking.

Another advantage to using hidden street areas is that not all players know where they are. The number of players that are in these areas is extremely small compared to other areas of “MapleStory” that are not hidden. Although this means that there are fewer people to interfere with a player's battle, it also means that there are fewer people to help in the event that the player needs reinforcements.

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