What Are Some Hidden Object Games on the Hidden 247 Website?


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Some of the hidden object games on Hidden247.com include "City of Desert Sun," "Blackbeard," "Lost Empire," "Abandoned Warehouse" and "Chronicles," as of 2015. Other games include "Home of the Spellkeeper," "Prancing Dragon Inn," "Fire Fairies Kingdom," "Hotel Renovation" and "Forest of the Druids."

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Each of the hidden objects games on Hidden247.com includes a unique theme and story as a means for utilizing the standard hidden objects gameplay format. As with most hidden objects games, the goal of each stage is to locate several objects on a list within a specific time limit. These objects are hidden throughout each stage, along with numerous false objects meant to confuse and distract the player. Once the player discovers all of the objects on the list by clicking on them in the game field, she moves on to the next level. If she clicks on the wrong item or on an empty space of the field, she receives a time penalty.

The game "City of Desert Sun" provides a clear example of these mechanics. The premise of the game is that a team of archaeologists discovers a hidden city in the desert, but visitors to the city are damaging its historical artifacts. As such, the player needs to locate specific items to preserve them for posterity. Clicking on the wrong objects incurs a five second time penalty.

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