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"Heroes & Generals" is a first-person shooter and strategy video game by Reto-Moto. The game is available on Steam for free. A Steam account is necessary to download it. As of December 2015, the game is in early access.

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Pitting the United States, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union against each other, the game takes place during World War 2. "Heroes & Generals" allows thousands of players to play at the same time. Players can either join the battle in person as heroes or develop tactics and manage resources as generals. While heroes must play on computers, generals can also access the game on iOS and Android devices.

Players first begin with a single soldier for each faction and can buy additional soldiers as they earn in-game money. Likewise, players can buy new equipment or upgrade what they have. Some of the available upgrades are triggers, barrels and sights for weapons. Depending on the soldier, players can play the action part of the game as tank operators, fighter pilots, paratroopers, recon soldiers or infantry.

When a player advances a soldier to Level 18, he can appoint that soldier as a general and play the strategy part of the game. Once appointed as a general, the soldier can no longer participate in the first-person shooter part of the game. Generals command ground troops to attack and defend cities on the Campaign map.

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