How Do You Hem Dress Pants?

How Do You Hem Dress Pants?

Hem dress pants by removing the old hem, folding the edge of the fabric under 1/2 inch and ironing the fold in place. Then try the pants on, and mark the proper length by pinning the hem in place. Iron the new hem, and sew it with a straight stitch.

  1. Remove the hem stitches

    Take out the stitches holding the original hem with a seam ripper. Unfold the hem, and shake the fabric smooth.

  2. Iron a 1/2-inch fold

    Fold the edge of the fabric under 1/2 inch. Iron the fold in place.

  3. Mark the proper length

    Try on the dress pants with shoes with the appropriate heel height in front of a full length mirror. Fold the pant leg under until the length is right. Mark the hem by pushing a straight pin through the fabric at the top and bottom of the fold behind the heel on one leg.

  4. Pin the hem

    Turn the pants inside out. Measure the length of the hem at the place where it is marked with the straight pins. Pin the hem the same length all around both pant legs, measuring frequently.

  5. Iron the hem

    Iron the hem in place, removing the straight pins as you iron.

  6. Sew the hem

    Choose a thread color that matches the color of the pants. Hand-sew the hem at the top with a straight stitch, or sew the hem on the small straight-stitch setting on a machine.