How Do You Get a Helicopter in "GTA 5?"

The first helicopter you encounter in the game is an ambulance helicopter found on the roof of the hospital. Climb a ladder to the hospital to access this fun mode of transportation.

  1. Travel to the hospital

    Start at the game's first safehouse and head to the nearby hospital. The hospital appears on your in-game map, and you only need to get to the northwest corner of the hospital complex area. The hospital is directly east of the first safehouse.

  2. Find the ladder

    A ladder descends from the roof in the northwest corner of the hospital. This ladder provides access to the second landing of the hospital, helping you make your way to the rooftop.

  3. Climb both sets of ladders

    Upon climbing the first ladder, you should find yourself on the first landing above ground level. A nearby second ladder leads all the way to the rooftop area. Climbing this ladder puts you within sight of the helipad and available helicopters.

  4. Enter your preferred helicopter

    The rooftop pads have two ambulance helicopters available. Choose either one and press the button to enter the driver's seat. This gives you full control over the flying machine and lets you take it for a joyride across the city.