What Are Some "Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town" GameShark Codes?

GameShark codes for “Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town” include codes to receive gold, which are 0E068A9E 9A53 - 7F034077 C7D6 - 0E068A9E 9A53 or 80DEB70D AC2C, and to be able to stop time, which is 0E068A9E 9A53 - 4E4242FD CF94. To get these codes to work, the player must first turn on the master code: 98D7716A E281 - 2FEC9AA2 DBAB - 71D84B76 AC98.

Additional cheats include:

  • Speed up time by holding the B and L buttons after using the code B3CEEF1C D035 - 5EFBDA0A D38
  • Fill up recipe books using the code 0E068A9E 9A53 - 4CAA00C2 2FB6 - 4E8A0BFE 9CB3
  • Code 0E068A9E 9A53 - 3B4D1277 C210 gives infinite water in the watering can
  • 0E068A9E 9A53 - 088413D4 A9F6 - 0E068A9E 9A53- 0CA61AF2 FFF3 gives infinite stamina

There are also cheats that players can use without a GameShark. For example, on the fifth year, players can visit the Peak of Mother's Hill on the 10th day of Fall between 6 P.M. and midnight. This allows them to see a shooting star and wish to double their profits for one day. Also, if players are trying to date Popuri, they can give her weeds. This not only increases her heart level for the player, but it also saves the player money.