What Is "Hardest Game Ever 2?"


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"Hardest Game Ever 2" is a mobile game for iOS and Android that features a series of puzzle mini-games. These mini-games test the reaction time of players and grade them based on their speed and accuracy. It's a free-to-play mobile game, although optional in-app purchases are available.

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As of 2015, "Hardest Game Ever 2" offers 48 stages and four levels with added difficulty. Each stage or mini-game typically has up to three button controls and has a simple gameplay. For example, one mini-game features a drowsy boy whose head players must prevent from dipping for as long as they can by pressing the left or right side of the screen. Another mini-game tasks players to help a kid go to the toilet on top of the stairs by tapping repeatedly. Players earn better scores if they can reach the toilet in the shortest time possible, but they must not tap too many times lest the kid falls down.

Players earn ratings that vary depending on how they performed in each mini-game. They can share and compare scores with their friends on Facebook. The initial set of mini-games are readily playable, but players must earn certain numbers of ratings to unlock additional mini-games. Alternatively, they can use cheats to skip certain mini-games and proceed to the next. The free cheats are limited, but more are available via in-app purchase.

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