How Hard Is It to Write With Old English Style Letters?


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Writing in an Old English style is a type of calligraphy, and it requires special tools and practice to do well. The fine motor skills and sense of geometry needed for calligraphy can be challenging.

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Letters in an Old English style are usually Gothic or Blackletter fonts. These are serif fonts, with a mix of wide strokes and narrow embellishments.

A calligraphy pen has a flat end, or a chisel tip, held at about a 45-degree angle. The narrowest lines are drawn from top-right to bottom-left, and the widest from top-left to bottom-right. If a metal calligraphy nib and ink are too difficult, a felt tip pen with the correct shape may be easier. Spacing is important, and novices can use a pencil and a ruler to plan out a grid for reference.

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