What Happens in "Pokemon Emerald" After You Get All Seven Symbols From the Battle Frontier?

Defeating the 7 Frontier Brains of the Battle Frontier gives the player battle points that can be exchanged for prizes including dolls, stat improves and holding items. Scott, the creator of the Battle Frontier, also gives the player prizes for earning all 7 symbols from the Battle Frontier.

In the Pokémon world, Battle Frontier is an area in Pokémon Emerald that features 7 different Facilities in which the player can battle Trainers and Frontier Brains, who protect the facilities. The Battle Frontier is only accessible after the player has defeated the regional Elite Four. Each Facility and Frontier Brain will become a new challenge for the player. After the player has successfully defeated each Frontier Brain at each of the 7 Facilities, he receives the opponent's Symbol. The player receives the Ability Symbol from Salon Maiden Anabel, the Spirit Symbol from Palace Maven Spenser, the Knowledge Symbol from Factory Head Noland, the Brave Symbol from Pyramid King Brandon, the Tactics Symbol from Dome Ace Tucker, the Guts Symbol from Arena Tycoon Greta and finally the Luck Symbol from Pike Queen Lucy. The 7 Facilities include the Battle Tower, Battle Palace, Battle Factory, Battle Pyramid, Battle Dome, Battle Arena and Battle Pike.