What happens when you complete your Pokedex?


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Completing the Pok��dex warrants various rewards from one generation to another, based on completing the regional and national Pok��dexes. This varies from no reward to getting useful items. In all games, you get congratulations and a diploma from the game director for capturing all available Pok��mon.

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In the first two generations, you get no additional rewards. The first game where you get an additional reward is Pok��mon Emerald, in which you get a Johto starter from Professor Birch for completing the Hoenn Regional Dex. In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, merely seeing all of the Pok��mon in the Sinnoh Pok��dex gives you access to the National Dex, the Fight Area and the Survival Area. Later, in Black 2, White 2, X and Y, you receive the Oval Charm for completing the regional Dex, which speeds up breeding, and the Shiny Charm for completing the National Pok��dex, which increases the odds of encountering a Pok��mon of a different color. Black 2 and White 2 also reward you with a ticket to the Nature Preserve for seeing all Unova Pok��mon.

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