How Do You Hand Sew a Blanket Stitch?

How Do You Hand Sew a Blanket Stitch?

To hand sew a blanket stitch, work from right to left or left to right. Begin by pulling the needle through the fabric from the underside to the top close to the fabric's edge. The exact distance depends upon how long you want the finished stitches to be.

Line up the needle even with the first hole, a short distance away, and then push the needle down into the fabric. Pull most of the thread through the hole, but leave a loop on the top.

Bring the needle from the underside over the edge and through the loop. The needle does not go through the fabric during this step. Gently pull the thread tight.

From the top, line the needle up with the second hole, a short distance away. Push the needle down into the fabric. Leave another loop. Repeat the overcast step.

For each new stitch, continue to line the holes up on top, leave a loop and overcast around the edge.

Blanket stitches have several applications. Sewers often use them to finish the edges of handmade blankets. The stitches create interesting designs to decorate crafts. Blanket stitches are handy for connecting two pieces of fabrics and making a seam. They are also appropriate for attaching an appliqué.