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Some Halloween games include bobbing for apples, pin the face on the pumpkin, monster freeze dance and Halloween feel box. The pass-it-on ghost story is another popular option.

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To set up an apple-bobbing station, place a tub on a low table, and fill it with water. Add apples to the tub, including some smaller apples for younger children, and have towels on hand for drying off. Have players try to pick up apples using only their mouths, and give prizes to the ones who succeed.

To play pin the face on the pumpkin, cut out eyes, a nose and a mouth for a jack-o-lantern using black construction paper, and add double-sided tape to one side. Blindfold players, and have them try to stick the pieces to a pumpkin to form the face.For monster freeze dance, have players dance like monsters to a song such as "Monster Mash," and have them freeze when the music stops. Those with the silliest pose get a prize.

For Halloween feel box, place materials into empty boxes with a hole cut into the top for the player's hand to fit through. Let players feel the contents of the box and guess what it is meant to represent. Ideas include wet sponges for brains, cooked spaghetti noodles for worms and olives for eyeballs. For a pass-it-on ghost story, have one player start a scary story, and go around a circle with each player adding a new piece to the story.

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