What Are Some Halloween Costumes You Can Make on Your Own?

What Are Some Halloween Costumes You Can Make on Your Own?

Halloween costumes that are easy to make at home include costumes depicting characters from film and TV, such as Bob from the cartoon "Bob's Burgers," an extra from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" or Mia Wallace from "Pulp Fiction." Dressing as a giant bag of jellybeans is another easy and fun idea for a costume.

To make a Bob from "Bob's Burgers" costume, wear a white apron over grubby clothes with a large mustache. Accessorize with short, dark hair and several burgers if desired.

To dress as Mia Wallace from "Pulp Fiction," wear a white button-down shirt with black pants and a short, black bob wig. Accessorize with fake blood and cigarettes.

To make a costume from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds," find a 1960's style dress, big sunglasses, white gloves and fake black birds. Glue several black birds onto the dress and gloves.

To make a bag of Jellybeans costume, purchase balloons, and acquire a large dry cleaning bag or other clear plastic bag big enough to fit over your body. Cut two holes in the bottom of the bag for your legs, step into the bag, and then cut two holes for your arms. Fill up small- or medium-sized multicolored balloons, and place them in the bag. Tie the bag around your neck, using a bow if desired to top off the look.