What Are Some Gummy Bear Games?


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Some gummy bear games include "Carly's Gummy Bear Burst" and "Dora and Gummy." The "Carly's Gummy Bear Burst" shows the player columns and rows of different colored gummy bears. The goal is to get three bears of the same color in a row and burst them.

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There needs to be at least three bears in the line for them to burst, but the player can line up four or more. It is a timed game, challenging the player to get the highest possible score before the time bar runs out.

In the "Dora and Gummy" game, the player waits until gummy bears fill Dora’s wagon, and then Dora takes the treats to the final destination. The player works the pedals and brakes to ensure the gummy bears do not fall out of the wagon.

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