How Do You Find Free Guitar Tablature?

How Do You Find Free Guitar Tablature? hosts over 800,000 user-submitted guitar tabs for a huge variety of songs. Anyone can view these tabs for free, but you can also create an account to access other helpful features.

From the Ultimate-Guitar home page, type an artist or song into the search bar to find specific tabs. The correct chords are displayed above each line of the lyrics; use the words, the chord progression, and your knowledge of the song to figure out where to play each chord. To play the song in a different key, or to correct the key for use with a capo, click the up or down arrows next to Transpose. This increases or decreases every chord by a half step. You can also increase the font size, save the tab to your favorites for later, view fingerings for each chord, and autoscroll the page so you don't have to pause to scroll in the middle of the song. Serious Ultimate-Guitar users can also gain access to Tab Pro, a paid service that helps guide you through tabs for a more hands-on learning experience.

If you cannot find a specific tab on, search on any of similar websites, including or