How Do You View Free Guitar Scale Charts?


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To view free guitar scale charts, pay attention to the lines and dots because these show how the scale appears on the fretboard. The lines represent the strings and frets while the dots indicate the notes to fret. Some guitar scale charts display the name of the note on the dots, while some show the number of the finger to use to fret the note.

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Most free guitar scale charts are read horizontally where the lines that represent the strings are arranged, from bottom to top, low E, A, D, G, B and high E. Some charts are read sideways. Regardless of how they are read, guitar scale charts represent a set of notes on the fretboard in order of their pitch.

To identify the key of the scale, you need to identify its root note. The root note is the general term for a scale's tonal center and the foundation of both a scale and a chord. The root can be in a different place other than the lowest note depending on the position of the scale on a fretboard. Most free guitar scale charts display the root note as a different color from the rest of the notes on the scale. Remember where the root notes are in relation to the scale position you are playing, and make sure to master each position before moving on to the next.

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