What Are Some Guitar Lessons for Kids?


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In guitar lessons, kids learn how to read and form chord shapes, pluck different kinds of guitars and create simple memorable tunes. They are also taught how to handle the guitar and improve the dexterity of their fingers to build calluses on their fingertips.

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Guitar lessons for kids require more time as the kids are mostly in it for fun, and as their hands are tender, building the calluses is painful and can take a long while. The lessons usually take about an hour, and kids are urged to practice to further build this skill. To form chord shapes, kids, especially those with small hands, use reduced shapes. They also use smaller guitars — usually three-quarter-sized acoustic guitars — as they're easier to handle.

One important and basic lesson taught is how to choose guitar strings, picks, capos and types of guitar. With this knowledge, kids are clear on what equipment and tool makes what sound, ensuring that they can correctly create the required sound. Guitar lessons for kids vary greatly as some kids grasp things faster than others, while some kids are more inclined to a certain type of music. It’s therefore advisable to know what the child likes before she starts learning.

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