How Do You Find Guitar Chords by Name?


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To find a specific guitar chord by name, refer to a dedicated guitar chord website, such as ChordBook.com, or a guitar chord book, such as "Mel Bay's Guitar Chords." These websites and books contain databases and catalogues that allow a user to easily find chord diagrams by name.

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How Do You Find Guitar Chords by Name?
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For beginning guitarists, a dedicated guitar chord website such as ChordBook.com provides a large number of basic guitar chords. ChordBook.com contains a database of chord diagrams that allows a user to locate a specific chord diagram using drop-down menus. A common drawback of chord database websites is that they primarily focus on chord fingerings for standard guitar tuning. They generally do not provide chord shapes for alternate guitar tunings, such as G-major or modal-D.

If you don't have an Internet connection, consult an instructional guitar book. Mel Bay's popular series of guitar lessons includes the book "Mel Bay's Guitar Chords," which describes chords in several different ways, including text descriptions, chord diagrams and photographs, notes eBay.

Advanced guitarists seeking obscure chord shapes can benefit from understanding music theory as it pertains to the guitar. Bill Sethares provides a free-access Web lesson on alternate tunings in a downloadable format through the website for the University of Wisconsin. This lesson explains the theory behind chord structure with many examples of chords transposed to alternate tunings.

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