What Are Some of the Best GTA Mods for Xbox?

What Are Some of the Best GTA Mods for Xbox?

Some of the best Grand Theft Auto (GTA) mods for the Microsoft Xbox video game console, according to TrustedReviews.com, include sink the city, car cannon mod, and gravity gun mod. Each mod offers players unique scenarios and abilities.

The sink the city mod makes Los Santos look like it was hit by a massive tsunami. The entire city is under water, except for a few rooftops and hills. Players can dive beneath the waves and see people and cars floating above.

The car cannon mod allows players to shoot cars. The mod allows people to turn the game's firearms into those that can shoot through cars. Many of the bullets explode on impact, adding to the exciting gameplay. Players can even shoot helicopters from the sky with these modified weapons.

The gravity gun mod in GTA allows players to pick up everything from pedestrians to cars and throw them into the air. A more violent aspect of the mod allows players to hold other individuals in the game under water until they die.

Other popular mods for Grand Theft Auto include the flying mod, which allows players to fly without the help of helicopters or jets, and the mod that dries out all of the bodies of water in and near Los Santos.