What Are Some "GTA 4" Cheats for Xbox 360?


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Some of the cheats for the Xbox 360 game "Grant Theft Auto IV" include the Health and Weapons cheat, the Health and Armor cheat, the Remove Wanted Level cheat and several cheats to spawn specific vehicles. Activate these cheats by entering a specific phone number in the game's cell phone.

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To activate the Health and Weapons cheat, the player needs to bring up the cell phone menu by pressing Up on the directional pad and then press Up again to bring up the number pad. Once the number pad is visible, enter in the phone number 482-555-0100 to restore the player health, armor and ammunition to full. Similarly, enter the phone number 362-555-0100 to simply restore the health and armor to full. To unlock the Advanced weapon tier, enter in the phone number 486-555-0100. To unlock the Poor weapon tier, enter the phone number 486-555-0150.

The game also features many cheat codes to unlock different vehicles, also by entering different numbers into the cell phone. To spawn the Jetmax boat, enter the phone number 938-555-0100. To spawn one of two different motorcycles, enter the phone number 625-555-0100 or 625-555-0150. Use the phone number 227-555-0147 to spawn a Turismo car, and the phone number 227-555-0175 to spawn the Comet car.

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