What Are Some Great Strategies for Using the Rules in the Card Game Hearts?


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Since no one receives points on the first trick, the player should play her highest club. If the player does not have any clubs in her hand, the next best option is to play the highest card in her hand, such as the ace or king of spades.

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One strategy in Hearts is to try and void a hand of another suit. Any player who isn't at risk of taking the queen of spades leads with as many spade cards as possible. This flushes out the queen of spades early in the game and leaves another player with 13 unwanted points.

If the player is holding the high spade cards, they are in danger of taking the queen when another player is playing spades. The strategy then is to create a void by leading with cards in another suit. The void allows the player to drop the bad spade.

Once the queen of spades is avoided, the player has to avoid as many hearts as possible. If the player holds high-suited hearts, she should try to dump them on someone else. This helps the player avoid leading in hearts.

Counting cards and keeping track of other players who have voids are other strategies to employ. The player can keep track of each suit and what has been played to help them know what might be coming up on the next play. This is easier to do if the game is being played with only one deck of cards.

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