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Popular video games that have placed the player in the role of a sniper include the "Silent Scope" series, the "Sniper Elite" series and the "Sniper: Ghost Warrior" games. Some arcade games have a simulated sniper rifle attached that the player uses, while games played on computer and home systems generally only use the mouse and keyboard or standard game pads.

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The concept of rifles with scopes that could be zoomed began in the early days of three-dimensional graphics in the mid-1990s. "MDK," "Goldeneye" and "Unreal" were among the first games to feature a weapon of this type.

Konami's 1999 arcade game "Silent Scope" was the first game to feature a mounted rifle with a separate viewscreen that magnified the player's view, simulating an actual sniper rifle's scope. The series had three further releases, some of which are available on consoles and handheld devices. Another arcade game with a similarly mounted rifle was Namco's "Golgo 13" series, which was only released in Japan.

The use of a sniper rifle is very common in first-person shooter games and is often a specialty role in online games such as "Team Fortress 2." Games that put the player in a sniper role for the duration of the game include the "Sniper Elite" series and the "Sniper: Ghost Warrior" series.

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